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Wafer Probing Utilities
WaferMap Wafer Map displays in real time the results of wafer level semiconductor measurements. The wafer map gives quick, easy feedback to the test operator. Unusual conditions such as a broken probe or bad measurement relay are readily seen. The Wafer Map can also review data at the end of a wafer test run. The Wafer Map has several display options: bin color, parametric contour colors, and symbol overlay.

Side tabs allow the user to see wafer information, measured values, bin counts, and parameter histograms. For small die sizes the map can be zoomed to still see individual die colors. The Wafer Map is available in either LabVIEW (View LabVIEW Product Description) or .NET. (View .NET Product Description)

Probe Plan Editor Probe Plan Editor provides a way to create, visualize and edit a probe plan. A probe plan is a set x-y die locations on a wafer, together with the sequence in which they are to be measured. The The editor has convenient menus and mouse click options for excluding and including categories and lists of locations. The editor can be used for routine testing and for measuring special wafers or partial wafers. The editor can be used stand-alone or embedded as a tool inside a larger wafer test application. The Probe Plan Editor is available as in either LabVIEW (View LabVIEW Product Description) or .NET. (View .NET Product Description)

Companion products include (Prober Drivers)

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