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Wafer Prober Drivers
Semiconductor wafer FemtoTek offers a range of prober drivers for many of the popular wafer probers. All our prober drivers are available on the LabVIEW platform. Many probers are also available on the .NET platform.

Each LabVIEW driver contains a library of sub-VIs that can be used to set up and control the wafer prober via the GPIB interface. The .NET driver provides the same functionality using methods in a .NET class.

All drivers include a checkout panel that can be used to send the commands one at a time to verify the prober and GPIB interface.

Accretech/TSK Probers

Tokyo Electron TEL Probers

Electroglas Probers

Cascade Microtech Probers

Companion products include Wafer Map and Probeplan Editor (Utilities)

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