Software for Test, Measurement and Control
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Measurement Automation
Chemical Industry For chemists, engineers, scientists and life science professionals who need an integrated, PC-based laboratory automation application on a LabVIEW or .NET platform, FemtoTek provides rapid implementation of modular test software.

Successful implementation requires knowledge of software tools, instrument architecture and automation techniques, and the expertise to map these into the laboratory environment.

Our structured software engineering approach plus our in-depth understanding of the interaction between instruments results in high-quality, reliable software that can be leveraged to cover future requirements.

Customers in R&D and production are continually seeking to improve productivity by running more experiments faster. We help customers by automating both the control and measurement of experiments. Examples of applications include: In support of chemical applications FemtoTek has know-how in the following areas
  • Pump and titration control
  • Rotating valve control
  • Heater control
  • PID loops
  • Cascade control
  • Phased alarm management
  • Set point programming and recipes
  • Data logging
  • Shutdown management
  • Watchdog timers
  • Gas chromatograph interfacing
  • Visual spectrometer interfacing
  • UV spectrometer interfacing
  • Monochromator control and interfacing
  • Choppers and lock-in amplifiers
  • FTIR interfacing
  • Mass spectrometer interfacing
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