Software for Test, Measurement and Control
Applications, System Design, Network, Data Management
Ethernet plug In all sectors, how the computer is connected to its measurement and control environment is a significant issue. The choice of connection modality is governed by the priorities of the system's end-user.

FemtoTek draws on its considerable expertise in using different connection methods to ensure that the measurement or control software makes best use of the features and throughput available.

PC Connections

In PC-based measurement applications, the PC application software communicates with the measurement hardware via any of a number of instrumentation and data acquisition connections, such as:

Networked instruments are increasingly important in measurement and instrumentation applications.

The increase in speed of networks makes them suitable for an evolving range of measurement applications. The result is that you can build a PC-based measurement or control system without opening the PC to install additional plug-in cards.

Especially for measurement applications, issues of throughput and triggering are important. These requirements can be accommodated by careful design of the system architecture and the use of extended network schemes like LXI that have fast triggering capabilities.

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