Software for Test, Measurement and Control
Applications, System Design, Network, Data Management
Hardware Supported

PXI measurement system FemtoTek has considerable experience and expertise in writing software for test and instrumentation systems built using a wide range of measurement hardware. For computer control of instruments, FemtoTek uses the standard interconnect methods: GPIB bus, PCI plug-in, Ethernet, TCP/IP, RS232 and USB.

Examples of the measurement hardware supported by our OEM software include:

Data Acquisition
  • Adlink: DIO, PXI
  • Advantech: PXI, Ethernet
  • Contec: DIO, PXI
  • National Instruments: PXI, GPIB, DAQ, SCXI
  • United Electronics: DIO, AI, PXI
  • Agilent: network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, power meters, DAQ, oscilloscopes, DCA, TDR
  • Keithley: source meters, DMMs, scanners
  • Tektronix: oscilloscopes, VXI
  • Racal: DMM, VXI
  • TDI, NHReseach, Elgar: power supplies
  • Ocean Optics, JY Horiba, Zeiss, Thermo: spectrometers
  • Perkin Elmer, Stanford Research: lock-in amplifiers
  • JDSU: multiplexers, switches, meters
  • Santec: tunable lasers
  • Thermotron, Tenney: environmental chambers
  • Watlow, Love, Chromalox, Cal: temperature controllers
  • Rockwell Automation, GE: PLCs
  • GPS systems
  • Pressure transducers, themocouples, thermistors, accelerometers
  • Video cameras & frame grabbers
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